General Testimonials

"It is with great enthusiasm and heartfelt applause that I highly recommend Tony Lam. Tony is a wonderful and creative artist, and a community leader, generous in bringing his skills and still collaborating with others to achieve a final product that is made better by joint efforts. I have had the pleasure of working with Tony and seeing his work in several settings. He has a creative sensibility that is able to draw out and listen for the best and most compelling parts in order to tell the story right, to make you interested and educated, to bring to life the person, the hero, the lesson. Tony has many gifts, in his craft and in his ability to work with people and to tell compelling stories that need to be told. Tony approaches each subject with sensitivity and respect, and without ego or his own agenda, as every good storyteller should do." -- Judy Man-Ling Lam, Law Partner, Los Angeles, CA

"We offer our highest recommendation of Tony Lam. We have requested Tony to perform several job assignments for us making videos for our events. Each time, he demonstrates his quality work, artistic sense, and professional manners. Not only does he excel in his profession, but having worked with him for the past few years, we know he is also a person who is open-minded, good-hearted, and possessing good moral standards." -- Josephine Pan, President of Organic Teas Only, and Thomas Shu, President of ABC Tea & the Ambassador of Taiwan Tea in the U.S.

"As an artist, Tony displays the uncommon ability to capture the essence of a person’s character. I’ve enjoyed working with Tony, and he has proven himself to be a person of good character. I highly recommend Tony Lam." -- Joyce Shimazu, Executive, LA18 KSCI-TV

"Tony is thoughtful and thorough, meticulous and with an eye for the unusual. He can be trusted without compromise." -- Diana Wong, International Artist

Project-Specific Praise

Vincent Who? (documentary)

"an absolutely wonderful film...it revives and resurrects one's confidence in the ability to make change." -- Rajini Srikanth, University of Massachusetts

"I was awe-inspired." -- Kelli Rucker, AsianWeek

"an important, vital work...if you're unfamiliar with the murder case, it's practically required viewing." -- Phil Yu, AngryAsianMan.com

"one of the best Asian American documentaries" -- C.N. Le, Asian-Nation

Editorial Note: This film has screened in hundreds of venues across the country and featured in various academic courses. For more press on VINCENT WHO?, please visit the film site.

Our Role Models (TV vignette series)

"We first met Tony in 2008, when he was the producer of "Our Role Models" for LA18 KSCI-TV. He produced a television spot featuring [my husband] as a role model in the community. We were extremely impressed by his professionalism. He was precise, meticulous and proficient in his work, and his approach was very sincere, open and patient. The spot astonished the community with its brilliant display of [my husband's] character and story within 30 seconds." -- Josephine Pan, President of Organic Teas Only

"In profiling me and my story for the "Role Models" series on KSCI, Channel LA18, Tony interviewed me and came to understand my message by seeing all the facets that make up my character--in my law firm where I practice law, at the studio where I dance jazz dance as my creative outlet, and at dim sum lunch with my family. By asking the right questions about these facets of my life, the story emerged quite naturally and the final video piece showcased the real me. In the process, I came to know and like Tony and he is also a great person to invite to dim sum or any meal." -- Judy Man-Ling Lam, Law Partner, Los Angeles, CA

"Tony approached the [Role Models] project with unusual dedication and went above the call of duty on each assignment. He made it his personal mission to spotlight the many shining examples of leadership and talent in the Asian American community. He wanted the large Asian viewing audience in Southern California to have heroes, to take pride in them, and to be inspired by them." -- Joyce Shimazu, Executive, LA18 KSCI-TV

Hama (short documentary)

"Tony immersed himself in the world of jazz dance in preparing a documentary of Takeshi Hamagaki, fondly known in the dance world as Hama. Now in his 70s, Hama is a jazz master. The documentary showed Hama’s life from his early start in New York, having come from Japan, and how he devoted his life to dancing, performing, choreographing and teaching jazz dance. The strength and artistry of this one man, his artistic style, and his impact on multiple generations of dancers was shown beautifully through Tony’s use of dance footage, live interviews, and discussions with Hama and his students, all in tribute to this dance legend. Tony was also able to draw out the best of Hama’s personality even though he was sometimes shy or unwilling to boast or really take full credit. Tony made all the interview subjects including Hama feel so comfortable that they revealed their natural self, the beauty of dance, and their appreciation for the gifts of dance." -- Judy Lam, Producer of HAMA

Birthday Party (short film)

"A great film...Mesmerizing...Beautiful." -- Vaughn Obern, Chair, LACC Cinema Program

"The peculiar madness of this [film]...charmed me." -- Phil Yu, Prominent Blogger

Ding Dong (short film)

"This is one of my oldest [acting] projects, but also one of my favorites. Tony Lam is truly a genius. Thank you TONY. This is still a top favorite thing to've experienced." -- Avi Garg, Lead Actor

SCCALA Awards Video (tribute video)

"Tony did an absolutely incredible job. In terms of storylines and graphics it looks just great." -- Paul S. Chan, Law Partner, Bird Marella Boxer Wolpert Nessim Drooks & Lincenberg

Wedding Video

"This is BEAUTIFUL. I am so pleased with how you made the photos go with the music so smoothly. It's truely a work of art! I am sooooooo happy with your creation and I know my sister will LOVE it! This is exciting!!!" -- Keri Brown

"Want to let you know that we received many many compliments about our wedding video...you did such a great job...our friends just love the way you edited." -- Josephine Pan, Bride

Pablo Neruda Lemons (screenplay)

Winner, Finalist Award, Moondance International Film Festival

"A great piece of screenwriting. Comparable to Virginia Madsen's soliloquy in SIDEWAYS." -- Slamdance Film Festival

"[PABLO NERUDA LEMONS] really has the chance to be something special....[It] is a very original, lyrical and human drama that might draw a few comparisons to BEFORE SUNRISE and other dramas of complicated people and relationships, everything from Wong Kar-Wai's HAPPY TOGETHER to Kieslowski's "COLOR" trilogy. The action takes us from the U.S. heartland, to France, to New Zealand, and back, and covers almost as much emotional landscape of its gloomy hero in the process....The author comes up with some great characters and renders a vivid sense of place wherever the story takes us." -- Slamdance Film Festival

The Ducklady (screenplay)

"I love it!" -- Tom Stempel, author of numerous works on film and screenwriting, including The History of Screenwriting in the American Film

"A beautiful love story." -- Slamdance Film Festival